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HomeLovers’ history began in 2011 in Lisbon when Magda and Miguel Tilli decided to risk and invest in what was no more than a digital boutique of properties, created with the purpose of escaping the formal culture that is usually associated with this kind of business. HomeLovers entered the Portuguese market in an innovative and disruptive way, investing from the start in careful promotion, using photos which show the soul and heart of the homes which we feel are also a little bit our own. Facebook was the first showcase for HomeLovers homes, a vehicle we still use, along with our site and other social networks. This use of digital platforms enhances dialogue and close proximity with those who seek us out and brings to the foreground the exquisite image that characterises us. HomeLovers homes are unique. They inspire us, they are faithful to their origins and they have a very powerful identity. For us, home is a personal project which mirrors who we are and we are fully aware of the responsibility of the HomeLovers team in its mission to help each person find his or her dream home. We work every day to make this experience as happy as can be. :)

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