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Known for its own DNA and focused on the incessant search for beautiful and charming houses, HomeLovers wanted to go further to try to combat a need that arose in the first confinement. It became clear that one could not continue to think only about closed spaces and that it was essential to reinvent and create a new concept of space, comfort, home, leisure, work, and increasingly designed for the outside.
With this mission in mind and inevitably inspired by the coast that crosses the country, as well as the rivers, lakes and lagoons, we ped anchor and set out on an adventure to expand the walls of our business, proving that dream spaces are not just on land. From our inspiration and willingness to continue to surprise those who follow us, BoatLovers is born, the bet in the area of pleasure boats that allows you to buy, invest or rent a boat, as well as having access to all kinds of services necessary for the maintenance of the boat. same.

From now on é It is possible to rent a boat for an event, for a family trip, a celebration of a special day, a trip to the city. beach, a sunset among friends, a business dinner, spending a few days sailing or even being an alternative to a hotel stay. However, if the goal is long term, é It is also possible to buy a boat of any size or brand, for your own use or as an investment, as well as a houseboat, an option that has become increasingly successful.

At the moment, BoatLovers has boats in Lisbon, Tró and Algarve, but it will soon be gone; expand to other regions, offering future customers a free yet safe way to share the same space with more people.

For more information you can contact us at hello@boatlovers.pt

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